About Gisborne Osteopathy.



Gisborne Osteopathy is an ultra modern clinic with lift access. This family run clinic is based in the centre of the township, and run by husband and wife team, Dr David Fairclough and Karen Fairclough who have worked together in the Macedon Ranges for 18 years. Dr Fairclough originally trained in the UK as a sports and manipulative therapist and carried out further education in Australia at Victoria University where he completed a five year double degree in Osteopathy and more recently completed the Animal Biomechanical Medicine programme in Box Hill. Dr Tim McCormick a local from the Macedon ranges has a keen interest in physical fitness and sports medicine and Dr Lois Groves brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience as an osteopath graduating at the British school of osteopathy in 1988.



Osteopaths are primary healthcare practitioners working closely with other forms of mainstream medicine. They are trained in all aspects of manual medicine and take a full case history, perform conventional medical testing and clinical examination procedures. They use their training of palpation and motion testing to additionally evaluate a patient's condition. If x-rays are required, your osteopath can refer directly to your chosen radiographer. Osteopaths also provide advice on diet and nutrition, exercise, posture, stress management and many other aspects of daily life that contribute to the general health and well being of their patients. Referals are not necessary in order to be treated by an osteopath.